Well explained, Elizabeth! And for the record, being listed as a writer alongside Wendig, Scalzi and Stigell made my little brain explode with joy.

I'm very much in line with you - I've realised that the process of finding or creating my own art is simply more enjoyable, even if the end result is not technically as exciting or relevant. That's an exchange I'm happy to make, though.

Also, I'm an aspiring artist myself. I want to improve. I thought MidJourney would be a useful tool, in the early days, but found that not to be the case - I leaned on it too much. Since I stopped using it I've produced a lot more of my own art, and feel like I've improved drastically.

As you say, no judging of people still using AI generated images. And I could well return to it in future if a better, artist-friendly model is found.

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I share your opinion on this, and choose images from the hands of original photographers/artists every time.

Here's the elephant in the room: how will we know if or when places like Unsplash will be flooded with AI-generated photos? Most times we wouldn't be able to tell one from the other. If an AI photo can win a photography contest, and millions can be convinced the Pope runs around in a white puffer jacket, it's a real concern.

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Another really helpful piece, my friend! Am planning soon to discuss AI tools with a student I’m mentoring over the summer. This post gives so many helpful points to use for evaluating these tools and how we use them. Thank you!

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Ohhh definitely will check unsplashed+ !

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