Thanks for the shout out!

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Oof. I feel this deeply. I spent a couple of hours last night going through all of the Substacks I'm subscribed to and unsubscribing from those that don't align with my goals and interests, but I'm still subscribed to over 150 (including your lovely newsletter). Now I just need to do the same thing with podcasts and books and shows and...you get the picture.

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Thank you for the mention, Liz, and the kind words. I've learned so much from you about how to be a good human being, you are a source of inspiration :)

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Thanks for including me in your roundup.

I try to keep up with replies, but not on a daily basis. I only post a newsletter about 1-2 times a month. I like Notes, but haven't settled on a regular posting schedule. I wish there was an easy way of bookmarking a comment/reply in Substack Notes for later reply, and then being able to browse that list when I have time.

I'm a Brandon Sanderson fan too! I've been listen to some of his books via audiobooks (I get to do more reading that way) Loved his original Mistborn trilogy. Am currently reading his Skyward series.

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Gosh we’ve been dealing with very similar things. I’ve actually been feeling terrible that I’ve been behind on reading your stuff and replying to you!

But I got so burnt out and there are way too many replies for me to keep up. I hate that I have to begin accepting that I might never again be able to reply to everyone. But also I guess it’s a privilege to have that problem?

I don’t know. The internet is confusing and the social norms are not always easy to figure out

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As a survivor of LiveJournal and Usenet, I am a firm believer in always having *something* that is as under control as I can make it. I suppose that's why I still keep a newsletter space on Tiny Letter as well as my Substack newsletter, and why I rarely draft something directly in Substack. Old habits, but they've served me well over the almost thirty years I've been on the Internet.

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Hi. I'm late to this but I found it interesting.

I'm sorry, but a 5-and-a-half to 10 people (out of 18 votes) is nothing for me to get excited about. Three-and-a-half people were Bored; one was Depressed about it; one-and-a-half people were Angry about it. Eighteen people don't even represent a truck stop in Texas! :) Meaning, you can't extrapolate from the result to the wider world.

What might be interesting is to now run a qualitative poll and get some insights into why people made those choices. Why are they excited/optimistic? Why are they bored? What is it about AI that makes them depressed, or makes them angry?

As a researcher I know that quantitative stats can be misleading and downright confusing. And why the answer to a question always raises more questions. So you follow where it leads until you exhaust each question's possibilities.

Take your Bored with AI question, the end of exploring the question would be when people start saying, 'I'm bored with AI because it's a tool of the reigning lizard people who just want to control planet Earth.' You can't explore that answer and expect a sensible answer.

You could then write something about it; something intriguing that maybe no one has thought of. ;) Here's to hoping you do.

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