For me, Twitter melted down long before I had ever heard of Elon Musk. Like a lot of things, it was kind of cool at first, but then people formed cliques, shunned people that didn't tow the line, tried to cancel other cliques, passed around lists of those you must block as if those you must block were even aware of your presence, etc. I don't like these types of social games.

Then it turned boring with endless inane discussions about whether you ought to eat rice with a fork or a spoon, and the like. And the follow back thing which I find so fake because people aren't really that all interested in the other person; they just want that extra point.

I like Substack because (a) it's long form and (b) people hook up with your publication, engage with your publication, maybe subscribe because they like what they're reading. Community feels more authentic.

Thanks for the read and happy new year!

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Quite enjoyed reading this post. Unlike some of the other substacks I follow which come across as new analysis pieces or newsletters, this reminds me of an old-school personal blog. It's refreshing. Also, I'm putting "Stolen Focus" on my To Read list because wow has that become a problem. Cheers and happy holidays!

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