Actually my new place is much healthier, on top of a hill full of trees and birds. I think my eye problems is down to two things - sensitivity to lighted screens, too much reading on them. It is compounded by the fact that my work life and my hobbies involve screens! I need to return to the garden again to do earthy things.

I actually got those non preservative eye drops afterr migraine. Am trying to use it more often. If I remember lol

But yikes about your story. Are you saying the pollution dried out your eyes?? 😱 I didnt know that could happen.

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The only reliable strat I have for reducing content intake is to not use any screens for the day. This naturally impels me to do other things. Now, I'm not saying I do that often 😄 it's just all I can count on to work.

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Are you near sighted or far sighted? My eye doc gave me a prescription that’s like half my normal strength so I can see just far enough to read what’s on a screen, but not far enough to, say, drive.

That helps a little.

Despite feeling blah, this was a fun read

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I’m in my 50s and wear progressive glasses. The ophthalmologist told me that with the way younger people constantly expose their eyes to screens they’re going to need progressive lenses too. It used to be progressive lenses were associated with much older people, but his advice was that the younger generation’s almost complete reliance on digitized screens for reading content, instead of standard old books could mean that people start migrating to progressive lenses in their 30s.

Separately, I moved two years ago to an arid climate that is extremely polluted due to oil refineries. I was frightened that I might be losing my sight because I had to get special magnifiers just to read. Turns out my eyes were just desiccated. I bought eye drops and I have to administer them every two days or else I go back to having bleared vision. You mentioned a few months ago that you had moved and it made me wonder if the area you have moved to could possibly be more polluted than where you were living before. Maybe trying eyedrops could help? - I use “Blink” but there are other brands that don’t use preservatives, because the preservatives can also irritate certain and lead to ocular spasms.

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