I’m definitely trying to do the same type of deep diving this year. Thanks for the reading here!

On a side note; I read Hobbit & Lord of the Ring’s many times over the course of my life. I didn’t find the Amazon series to be entirely out of line. Many aspects I found really exhilarating. imho Also thumbs up to Zombie-Lore.

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This is a really cool idea. I don't know that I can possibly complete all my open projects in a year, but I like the concept!

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I'm not much for acquiring new things, although we did adopt another street dog recently because well... sometimes I just can't leave them there.

I'm looking to read some books that I've put off, so there's that in common. I have a book project of my own (my short stories) that I'm looking to do, but I admit I've put things off before.

Mostly, I'm staying focused on my stories for my stack. I'm the only stack (that I've found) publishing only stories and no essays, non-fiction stuff. That's plenty to keep me occupied. And I'd like to stay focused, because I have a habit of drifting.

I do have a few stories in the uncompleted department. Sometimes, I doubt I can finish them. It's like some special magic grabbed me at the time, but before I could get to the end, it packed up and moved on to Tennessee or wherever.

I saw a comment of yours (which led me here) in which you mentioned that for you, writing was art. I really liked that because that's my wavelength, too. Many thanks for the read.

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