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Meet the writer

There’s a little voice inside me that whispers, “no one will like what you write” or “no one is ever going to pay you for what you write”.

Do you have that same fear?

Despite having been a professional writer for nearly two decades, I still spend daily battling this fear. Tai Tales is my way of working through this.

My mission is to get the unpublished essays in my hard disk out to you.

Besides writing this newsletter, I work as a technical writer for a software company. Before that, I was a content manager and marketer for various companies and a journalist for 15 years for the newspaper, The Star. Have a look at my portfolio.

I live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in a pretty apartment on top of a hill.

Grab a cuppa, snuggle into a comfy chair and join me.

Alternatively, you can give me a one-off tip. Buy me a coffee!

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Sharing the cultural beauty of Malaysia and China through essays and fiction. I write about my struggles with being Chinese in a world not-so-fond of China, my attempts at learning Mandarin, and my obsession with Chinese dramas and literature.


Malaysian Chinese with a "rojak" heritage. Demystifying China and Malaysia for the world. Also likes to write about space people.