I get personal here. I share my journey as a writer; the raw doubts and struggles, the creative routines, insights and breakthroughs. I'll also include tips, resources, and links to what I've published so that you don't have to miss a thing.

A painful warning that I need to move away from consuming so much content via screens, and giving myself the grace not to create.
I love reading serial novels, newsletters and blogs. But reading online stuff is hard. How I'm trying to make it work.
I'm starting to write without being perfect and precious about the end results. Also, I created a podcast!
The slow awakening that I no longer have to create around an algorithm's demands
Forget new year resolutions. This is the year to tie up loose ends and go deep with your life and creativity
2022 reflections: How my creative soul came alive again
The art of dealing with a temperamental and fussy Muse. Meaning, you don't.
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